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Free Poker Guide to the Easy SMART Card Eliminate Losers Technique

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I have been playing “proper” serious money and fun money free poker for most of my life but mainly free poker for the last four years.

At first it was easy but as time went on I found it harder to win as I got caught up in the world known as the “Easy Play Trap”.

The poker “Easy Play Trap” is when you think you have to play every hand to win. You post and play every hand praying the flop with give you a hand Cmd368.

The problem with it is that you lose more and even worse anyone with any skill learns how you play really easily which makes things even worse.

This is especially a problem on free poker sites where it is all to easy to not care. No problem is it’s just for fun but a very bad habit if you have aspirations to play live or online poker for money later.

Then last year I started playing what I call “SMART”. “SMART” players think of the odds of playing each hand based on your starting hand. The two cards in your hand give you an idea of what your chances of winning before the flop.

“SMART” poker means as follows:

Singles – A – K – Q – J

Married – AK – AQ – AJ – A10

Average – 10 10 – 9 9 – 8 8 – 7 7 – 6 6

Rare – AA – KK – QQ – JJ

Terrible – 2 7 – 2 8 – 2 9 – 2 10 – 3 8 – 3 9 – 3 10 -4 9 – 4 10 -5 10

Singles should be used cards from the same suite.

Playing singles with low off suites is generally hazardous because some times it is the kicker that means a win. Watch the flops to see how the cards are falling as if there are more small off suites hitting with a single you might want to try.

Married and Rare hands are your best possible starting hands before the flop and requires you to think first. Going all in with a Married or Rare hand before the flop is good but may also be a killer. Watch the other players for a time to get an idea of what they play before going up against them.

Average poker hands are good to begin with but the flop truly provides a picture of how you will play your hand. On an average a third will fall with the flop when holding a small pair. If not, and there is a small bet, try the turn but never the river as odds are against you.

Terrible are poker hands I try not to play because they normal are losing hands. True you might get lucky but if you do not have any money in the pot why waste the time and money on a chance. High blind and there is no raise, yes play, however low blind, forget it and wait for a better hand.

During a recent live game I was down to 80 in chips with the blinds at 10 – 20. I was not getting a hand and we were down to three players. Being “SMART” I came back and won the money.

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